We all go through a series of events in our lives that change us, shape us, and make us who we are. Some events take seconds while some take weeks. Mrs. Sandra McGlynn, Founder of Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts, found inspiration in many life events starting as a young girl, and moving onto school counselor, and then founder of her own rescue.   

At a young age, Mrs. McGlynn was attacked by her family German Shephard, which like many children, made her fearful of dogs. It wasn’t until after Mrs. McGlynn was married with two children of her own that she brought a dog into her home again. 

Even though she was fearful of dogs, her first pet cat at age 10 kept her love of cats ignited, which led Mrs. McGlynn’s way as she decided to become a foster for Miami Dade Animal Services. In October 2010, Mrs. McGlynn opened her home to a foster dog named Cutie, with hopes of pairing him up with a young boy from the school she worked at as a counselor. Cutie, now Ashes, formed a strong bond with Mrs. McGlynn and became her first “foster fail”.  Ashes would wait by the door, knowing Mrs. McGlynn would surely walk in at any moment. Even though it had only been a week, with the unconditional love Ashes showed Mrs. McGlynn, she knew she couldn’t say farewell to Ashes and their bond. This is where she began finding her love for dogs, and the desire to be a voice for those that needed it. 

Can you believe this once scared-of-dogs Mrs. McGlynn now has her own canine pack of four? Yes, four! This does not include any rescues she fosters. 

In May 2015 Mrs. McGlynn’s journey of fostering and adopting through Miami-Dade Animal Services and Saving Grace, she decided to start her own animal rescue. With her passion for helping animals, and her love of the human-animal bond, she founded Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts. 

Via the rescue, Mrs. McGlynn is helping homeless dogs get rehabilitated, vetted, and paired with their forever families. Mrs. McGlynn prides herself on facilitating perfect matches between dog and family to help ensure the dogs are able to stay with their families forever. To support this, she provides resources and around-the-clock advice to adopters after they adopt a dog.  To Mrs. McGlynn, each rescue dog holds a special place in her heart, and no matter where they are living, their best interest must always come first. 

With a goal of having her own facility in the coming years, Mrs. McGlynn holds two rescue dogs close to her heart as motivation to continue with her passion and inspire her to be a better rescuer. Once the walls of her facility are up, Mrs. McGlynn wants to shine light on two rescue dogs that inspire her daily and have changed her life. 

The first is Buddy, a 4-year-old Shepherd/Chow mix that struggled to find his perfect adoptive family. After being in the rescue for over a year, Mrs. McGlynn and Buddy’s foster decided to care for him as their own and no longer actively search for an adoptive family. Instead, they decided to train him to be a therapy dog for others as he had been to them. After passing training classes with flying colors, Buddy soon was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Sadly, Buddy passed away on January 3, 2018 before he was able to share his love in a hospital setting. Mrs. McGlynn feels his loss daily, though firmly believes that Buddy was placed in her life to inspire her to teach other dogs to help people in need. Buddy motivates Mrs. McGlynn as she works towards becoming a certified dog trainer.  

A second rescue near and dear to Mrs. McGlynn’s heart is Thor, a fitting name for a strong and determined puppy. After being rescued at 4 days old, Thor was quickly adopted into a loving family, and all was going well until he became partially paralyzed after suffering from what they feel was a medical procedure gone wrong. With support from his family and determination, Thor relearned to stand. He had a family to live for and a toddler to play with after all! Unfortunately, the universe had other plans, and Thor crossed the rainbow bridge too soon. With a second child on the way and pricey vet bills, Mrs. McGlynn contacted the vet and paid for private cremation as well as two clay paw print plaques-  one for the family, and one for her new facility. 

 With each rescue, Mrs. McGlynn is shaped and changed and she takes these adventures and little life lessons and uses them as the brick and mortar for the foundation of her rescue and the new adventures of one day having her own facility. 

We look forward to supporting Mrs. McGlynn and Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts as they continue to help animals in need and watch as the rescue continues to grow and one day open the solid doors of their new facility for the first time.

Welcome, Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts!