A shelter in our own backyard of Menomonie, Wisconsin, has signed up as a participating animal non-profit in the Giving Bark™ and Giving Meowr™ program!

While many shelters’ and rescues’ foundation begin with wanting to prevent the cruelty to animals, the Dunn County Humane Society was formed as a direct response to an act of cruelty towards a four-year-old basset hound named Flash, whose life was ended too short due to a random act of violence. 

We can’t get enough of the unique ways that the shelter accommodates to the community’s and animals’ needs. In a separate room off the dog area, there is a big plaid couch for the sole purpose of extra cuddles for shy dogs and extra attention when the weather only allows for quick potty breaks. 

Also unique to this shelter, instead of potential adopters walking through the dog adoption area and being taken aback by the dogs barking, the adoption counselors will work directly with potential adopters who are interested in a dog and bring the dog out to them in a neutral area, such as their beautiful wooded lot or fenced off play runs. This also works towards lowering the dogs’ stress, eliminates many distractions for both the dogs and the humans. 

Interacting this way also allows for great conversations around the pets’ needs as well as the desires for potential adopters. The Dunn County Humane Society prides itself on educating the community and potential adopters on animals’ needs and setting new families up for success.

 Upon driving towards the facility, there is also a quaint little pop-up pet food pantry. This pantry was set up in April 2017 as a response to hearing the community’s need of assistance in feeding their fur babies. Providing food helps support families and their pets staying together versus potentially going the route of rehoming, which is hard on both. This is just one of the many programs the Dunn County Humane Society offers to its community. 

A big challenge this shelter struggles with is breed-specific restrictions in many towns in Wisconsin. Many towns in Wisconsin have bans around breeds, such as pit bulls. Neighboring towns have many restrictions around the breed in public areas and home or rental insurance not being offered for those who own a pit bull. It’s reasons like this that the shelter sees some of their staff favorite dogs sitting in the shelter, waiting for a new home, for sometimes two years. Have no fear, as the shelter is no kill and the staff works tirelessly to set these pups up into successful homes and towns. 

More often than not, animals are brought into the Dunn County Humane Society as strays. Some are found wandering the country-side, and some are brought in during the night by county police. Thankfully 60% of these strays are reclaimed by their owners. 

Upon meeting and talking with Josh Dalton, Executive Director, and Jamie Wagner, Kennel Manager, you can see and feel the passion they have for the shelter, animals in their care, staff, and community. 

We look forward to supporting them in their missions and vision for the Dunn County Humane Society and attending their annual Mutt Strut N’ Tabby Trot 5K on May 19th, 2018. We hope to see you there!