About the Program

The Giving Bark™ and Giving Meowr™ program was born from the desire to help non-profit animal shelter and pet rescue organizations generate sustained financial support in conjunction with their current operations and other fundraising activities.

Our treats, which are carefully crafted in America along with other beneficial supplements, are offered to participating organizations through the facilities and through our e-commerce platform under an exclusive non-profit brand. These products are shipped from reliable manufacturers directly to the participating organization. Prices are kept affordable, allowing the organization to resell the products with a 100% mark-up (suggested).

Better (and unique to this program) is that these products are available directly to pet owners for repurchase through our online store AND the organization keeps receiving money back on each purchase for as long as they are listed as the “Giving Bark™” choice by the pet owners!

For pet owners who do not select a specific pet related non-profit to benefit from the program at the time of check out the "Giving Bark General Fund" has been created as an account that accumulates these donations.  Twice a year a committee of pet lovers from Vets-Plus, Inc®. will meet to discuss how to disburse the accumulated funds. Funds available will then be given to deserving pet related organizations known to the committee or that have reached out for help during the prior calendar year.

Giving Bark™ is powered by Vets Plus, Inc.®. Vets Plus, Inc.® is located in Menomonie, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of animal health and nutrition supplements for livestock and companion animals.

How Can Giving Bark™ Help You? Get Involved!

For Shelters:

If you like what our program can do for you, contact our Program Managers directly to set-up an account and become a participating pet non-profit.
Once the account is set up you will be able to place a product order, sell these products within your facility, and receive money back from the proceeds upon sale. (The goal is about 50% back)

For Customers:

By purchasing our products at the time of adoption, or online, the organization will receive money back to go towards the animals in their care. (The goal is about 50% back)

When purchasing a product within the online store, at the time of check out select a participating organization you would like to receive the proceeds of your donation.

Don’t have a preference on which organization the proceeds to go, but would still like to make a difference? No problem! At the time of check out simply select the Vets Plus, Inc.® "General Donation Fund." This fund will be used to support animals in times of needs such as natural disasters, or will be distributed among the non-profits most in need.

Financial Highlight For Participating Pet Non-Profits


High Quality Treats Carefully Crafted In America (dogs and cats)
Calming, Training and Probiotics to start
Exclusive brand for pet non-profit benefit
E-commerce for pet owner repurchases/fulfillment

Recurring revenue to the organizations
500 adoptions a year … 100 purchasers
100 * 10 (months) * $5 back = $5,000 per year
For as long as pet owners keep online purchasing
Adds up with each new participating pet owner