Christi Hubbard of Veteran Rescue® is Giving Bark’s ™ first pet non-profit to participate in the Giving Bark™ program, and we could not be more excited!

Veteran Rescue® and Vets Plus, Inc.® began their partnership at the end of 2017, and it was then that the Giving Bark™ team knew that Ms. Hubbard’s passion and energy for animals, veterans, and adventure were a perfect fit for the program.  

The Veteran Rescue®, also known as Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Corp., was founded by Christi Hubbard in 2011 when she discovered a way to support military veterans. By using animal-assisted therapy to support veterans in their rehabilitation and reorientation through various services, the organization has been assisting veterans with home repair projects, rehabilitating rescued animals, and pairing them together to heal one another. 

Some of the goals of this rescue are to reduce suicide and divorce rates, drug and alcohol addiction, and end homelessness among veterans, while also housing those in need, employing veterans, and giving second chances. 

Ms. Hubbard, also known as “Wildcat,” wears many hats as she is Owner/President/Executive Director/CEO of Veteran Rescue®. Since childhood, Ms. Hubbard has surrounded herself with animals, leading her to pursue her passion in helping animals in need. 

There is no animal too big, too small, too wild, or too calm for Ms. Hubbard. Her ability to wrangle the most challenging of animals, along with fighting techniques she learned during her police academy training, the nickname “Wildcat” stuck with her. 

Animal wrangling and supporting veterans is not Ms. Hubbard’s only passion. She also has a passion for books and owns For Love of Books, Corp. ©. When she’s not focusing on her rescue, Ms. Hubbard can be found writing book reviews and even publishing her own works! 

Veteran Rescue® great rescue with a great mission, dedicated to transforming the lives of wounded and PTSD veterans through equine interaction, animal therapies and job opportunities. We would like to welcome them to the Giving Bark™ program and applaud Ms. Hubbard and the rescue team for all they do, have done, and continue to do.